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 "So You Want to Live in Hawaii"

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So You Want to Live in Hawaii > Customer Review #1:
Real life information of the Hawaiian islands.

With so many fluff stories about Hawaii its very refreshing to read some reality for a change. People all over the world dream about coming or moving to Hawaii with unrealistic views and ideas of what Hawaii truly is; This book sheds a clearer picture of life and tourism in the islands.

So You Want to Live in Hawaii > Customer Review #2:
Excellent Source of Information

If you've ever wanted to move to Hawaii, this is THE book to read. It gives basic information about each island plus the most valuable - but seldom printed - negatives...past the "its expensive" excuse. The reviews of each island separately assists you in deciding which island, exactly, you'd be most comfortable. It also gives you what types of businesses are prominent for each island, the MANDATORY quarantine of pets information as well as excerpts from people who have "been there, done that". An excellent resource guide!

So You Want to Live in Hawaii > Customer Review #3:
Should have been titled So You Want to Live in Oahu

I am reviewing this book after also having read Affordable Paradise, and How To Live in Hawaii on $1,000 a month. Of the three, So You Want To Live in Hawaii is the best, since it provides the most even-handed review of Hawaii, although mainly from an Oahu perspective. Also I feel that this book is geared more towards people buying a home on Oahu rather than renting an apartment. If you want to move to Lanai, Molokai, Maui, or Kauai, this book will contain some helpful pointers, but will generally be of less use to you since the author only devotes a small portion of this book specifically to these islands, though it is more space than any of the books I mentioned above give. Of all of the books on moving to Hawaii that I have read, this one gives the best discussion of reasons not to move to Hawaii, although it could be more detailed and thorough in this regard. For instance it makes no mention of seismic activity on the islands (particularly in the Big Island) or the fact that there are many fault lines around the islands. I have to applaud the author for mentioning tsunamis and hurricanes, as well as insect problems, although I wish there was more than just a few anecdotal accounts regarding these aspects. In summary, this is a fine book if you are considering moving to Oahu. I think a more appropriate title would have been, So You Want to Live in Oahu.

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