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Waikiki Banyan ~ a leasehold condominium *Liliuokalani Trust, fee owner, has now offered the Leased -Fee to Waikiki Banyan 
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located in the heart of Waikiki at 201 Ohua Ave.  Two ~ thirty seven story buildings consisting of 877 ~ 1-bdrm. apts. 
This has been a favorite Honolulu get-a-way for many living on the mainland.  Many of the apartments are now being
rented on a daily, weekly or monthly basis.


   -January 28, 2012-


Becker Properties, as of January 2012 is offering a buy out of their 'Sandwich Position' at $10,000./apt.-needs to be verified w/Becker

***Important January 28, 2012***
Liliuokalani Trust will be offering, for the 3rd time, the Leased-Fee at the Waikiki Banyan, Waikiki Sunset and the Liliuokalani Gardens.  They will further be offering the Leased-Fee, for the 1st time, at the Foster Towers.
***Important May 23, 2011***
Lease Rent. The Board has accepted the revised lease rent set by the sub-lessor, Becker Properties, for the period of December 1, 2010 through November 30, 2020. You will receive a letter with your June statement detailing the new lease rent payments that will be due starting July 1.

If you purchased the fee interest offered by the landowners, then your new lease rent will be for the sandwich fee, $21.92 including G.E.T. If you did not purchase the lease fee interest, then your new lease rent will be $168.06 including G.E.T. You will see this amount on your July statement; your June statement shows the old amount and that is what you should pay.

If you did not purchase the fee, you will also owe a “catch-up” payment of $619.01. If you purchased the fee, then you will have a credit due of $55.37.

If you have set up automatic payments or you use the Surepay system and you owe the “catch-up” payment, that payment together with the increased lease rent payment will be included in your July statement. This allows you some time to make sure that your account has sufficient funds to cover the payments that will be due in July."  Please let me know if you have any questions.


Active Listings: September-2018 Active Listings-Waikiki Banyan


In Escrow-Pending-Sold Properties: September-2018
In Escrow-Pending-Sold Listings-Waikiki Banyan


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 "Experience MoreHawaii-my clients always come first""Experience MoreHawaii-my clients always come first"

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